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Designer Watches

The Many Faces of Designer Watches for Men

If you need to buy men’s personal accessories, designer watches are the safest and most secure game. This is especially true for men’s designer watches, as they are the most acceptable jewelry allow for men with power and confidence outside of their wedding rings. (Ear and nose piercings, body and head tattoos, material obsess clothing…
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Diamond Watches

Diamond Watches: Exploring the Domain of Elite Then Classy Fashion

Diamond Watches have been the right hand of the people when it comes to performing work of perfection. A small watch has the ability to add a touch of glamour to its fashion statement. With the evolution of fashion and style trends, the demands for uniquely designed and useful watches have increased. Whatever the occasion,…
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Coolest Fashion Jewelry

Be Fashionable with Coolest Fashion Jewelry

Being in Coolest Fashion Jewelry involves wearing trendy clothes and jewelry. People can only be wise in this context if they have a full knowledge of the latest styles. This is especially true for women. The most necessary accessories in their wardrobe are ornaments. Jewelry and ladies go hand in hand. Whether jade, gold, silver,…
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Modern Jewelry Design

Modern Jewelry Design

1950s – The invention and explosion of the atomic bomb influenced this period of star modern jewelry design and diamond spraying. Modern Jewelry Design was classified today (gold without decorative stones) and nightwear (diamonds). SO Florentine surfaces, twisted rope, mesh, piercing, velvet, foxtail chain, and braided wire have become popular structures for gold modern jewelry…
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Techno marine Watches

Techno marine Watches – The Upcoming of Watchmaking Today

The story began not so long ago, but in 1997, when Franck Debary presented “Raft” a chronograph on a transparent plastic strap. It was a huge success. The Techno marine watches sold 50,000 models in the first year. This led to a revolution in the watch industry and the creation of a whole new category…
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Designer Watch

The Perfect Gift? How to Choose a Designer Watch as a Gift for a Man?

Men are quite impoverished in accessory kits. While women can reinvent clothing countless times with imaginative handbag-necklace-earrings combinations, the male wardrobe for some complex anthropological reason has not become such a flexible arsenal in warfare. which we call designer watch fashion as its female counterpart. Of course we have shadows, but what happens when there…
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Teen Fashion

Teen Fashion Design Charge Up with the Latest Trends

Teens have long wanted their own look and style; be it the all new rock and roll of Elvis Presley and Fats Domino in the middle of the last century or the hip hop teen fashion design trends of today. Part of a teenager’s style is breaking away from the adults around him to find…
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Men, Brace Up with Watch!

There are hundreds of styles and varieties of watches today. So choosing a men’s watch can really be overwhelming. Since there are so many options for men’s watch, one has to find a watch that suits tastes. Needs and most importantly, is budget friendly. Browsing through style and specialties can help you find the right…
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Seven Types of Watches for Men: Which One Is for You?

Men tend to wear less jewelry than female, and sometimes a watch is the only accessory they wear. This accessory for daily use represents the characteristics of the user, therefore, you must find the one that best suits her personality. There are many types of men’s watches available and it can be a very daunting…
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Hip Hop Jewelry and chains

What do you think when you think of the word rapper? You definitely think of extravagance, luxury cars, big houses, money, women, power, chains and of course, jewelry. Jewelry has been a feature of hip hop culture since it came into the mainstream during the 1980s. Run DMC shook the heavy and bulky rookie rope…
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