Modern Jewelry Design

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Modern Jewelry Design

Modern Jewelry Design

1950s – The invention and explosion of the atomic bomb influenced this period of star modern jewelry design and diamond spraying. Modern Jewelry Design was classified today (gold without decorative stones) and nightwear (diamonds). SO Florentine surfaces, twisted rope, mesh, piercing, velvet, foxtail chain, and braided wire have become popular structures for gold modern jewelry design. Therefore Cultured pearl bead became fashionable for day wear, and turquoise, coral, and amethyst were the trendy colors and gemstones of the era. 1960s – Few restrictions in the 60s groove brought a hybrid of gold, platinum, silver, natural gemstones and geode crystals. Faceted gemstones and round brilliant-cut diamonds as well as organic, abstract and jagged shapes dominated the metalwork.

Modern Jewelry design and define their own style:

1970s – In this feminist era, women have seen fit to buy their own modern jewelry design and define their own style. New and different materials have been use such as wood, ivory, rock crystal and coral have been incorporated in the modern jewelry design. The 1950s squeeze on diamond day and nightwear was abolish and diamonds were born again. Other important stones were onyx, lapis lazuli, and corals and other non-precious materials. Themed bracelets or charm bracelets are introduce with additional attributes and purchase separately.

Taste and grace so refined resurface:

1980-1990 – SO The wealthy ’80s claimed the luster, glamor, and sparkle of “Dynasty” and “Dallas” modern jewelry design style ornaments. This was counter by the wedding of the elegant Princess Diana, whose taste and grace so refine resurface. Like most fashions in the 90s, modern jewelry design was produce in many retro forms, a collection from the past. Aquamarine, tanzanite, colored beads, and silver have been incorporate into sophisticate or modern jewelry design lumpy styles. Many teenagers began to wear multiple earrings in both or both ears, and the influence of punk rock was seen with the advent of safety pins and other household items used as modern jewelry design. Body piercing has become all the rage and unknowingly attracted most wearers of African descent.

Hybridization of metals and non-precious materials:

2000 – Today – The hybridization of metals and non-precious materials has become all the rage with new techniques and modern jewelry design collaborating colored diamonds or pearls with rubber, stainless steel and even plastic. Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is use in conjunction with synthetic gemstones for unique new modern jewelry design.

The ring of choice for wedding dresses:

Traditional gold wedding ribbons have been replace by platinum wedding ribbon as the ring of choice for wedding dresses. Sea glass has become a popular material in modern jewelry design. SO Resins resins of adaptable, color and waterproof materials are increasingly use as technology makes them available. The ankle has become a popular choice for decoration and is seen all over the world. Black pearls have become in great demand in modern jewelry design, and Kokichi Mikimoto is the main creator and collector of these pearls. The Rolex watch is likewise a standing symbol for the rich and famous. Depression-era Bakelite has come full circle and is experiencing a renaissance in modern jewelry with polka-dot or multi-color bracelets in caramel and pea-green bracelets and pins.

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