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Hiphop Fashion

Urban Clothing Symbol

Urban Clothing Symbol of Modernize

Today, Urban Clothing Symbol has become a popular fashion design name for all classes of people, especially the younger generations. There is a reason for this popularity and it is hip-hop culture. For the growing popularity of hip-hop culture, urban clothing is greatly affect. To keep up with fashion and modern facilities, people generally want…
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Hip Hop Culture and Shoes

Hip Hop Culture and Shoes: Shoes and Jean Shorts doesn’t actually refer to Jean Shorts, it refers to the epitome of social and cultural history that still stands in North America. The characteristic representation is jean shorts, simply because it is common even in people who do not have any of the other notable symbols.…
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Hip Hop Culture

Hip Hop Culture and the Rise of Bling

Hip Hop Culture and the Rise of Bling: Hip Hop culture has added a variety of expressions, fashion trends, musical styles, and even personalities to the culture as a whole. Nothing has captured the public interest more than “Bling.” In the late 1990s, “Bing” first entered the general vocabulary. Bling originally use in multiple rap…
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